my super consolation

Tonight I await to see who I play in the Super Bowl Bracket Consolation game next week. Dern Memphis Mojo whooped me this weekend.

Well, not too bad of a year considering I’m around 9th of 12 in scoring but I won my division and made it to the Super Bowl Consolation game!

Oh who am I kidding? This stinks. I think I may have to retire the Chupacabras this season. Any suggestions?

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  • Bill

    Hey — I’ll trade you my Toilet Bowl Championship game for your Super Bowl Consolation game any day! 🙂

  • Aw c’mon Bill, aren’t you excited to be playing in the Toilet Bowl? I know I am….yeah, right…..

  • Bill

    The way the Dawgs slung the dirt this weekend, I’m going to have to do really well to win the Toilet Bowl.
    Which stinks (pardon the pun — but it is pretty bad to not be sure if your team is good enough to win the Toilet Bowl :))!