ecfc champion wasn’t me

superbowl trophyWell the fantasy football league I run, the East Coast Football Club (ECFC) is now over. I can finally get back to watching football for what is was meant to be: a team sport.

But because I know you care how my Orlando Chupacabras did, I’ll let you know. I finished 9-7 and dominated my division (was 6-1 in it and wish I could have played them all year long!). That’s what got me into the Super Bowl bracket…and that alone. I finished 9 out of 12 in the power rankings. But I won the Super Bowl Consolation Game (I lost in the first round and won the second).

If you care to read, you can see how some of the ECFC guys did as several guys have blogs. Arkansas Hairballs, Budapest Brawlers, and Mudslingin’Dirt Dawgs all have posted already. Time will tell if Rev. Bill (UPDATE: Rev. Bill posted) and The Stormtroopers do also.

Here’s the official proclamation for the winner.

Dec. 27, 2005 :: ORLANDO, FL :: ECFC Headquarters


From the Desk of Commish Rob of the East Coast Football Club to Coach McCurry of the Memphis Mojo:

It is with happiness and regret that I reward Coach McCurry of the Memphis Mojo the coveted Super Bowl Championship Trophy for the 2005 ECFC season. I am happy such a deserving coach won this year. My only regret is it wasn’t me.

You’ve done a fine job this year. You finished with a perfect 36 in the Power Rankings, but most importantly, went on a two-game win streak after getting to the Super Bowl Bracket.

Well done, Coach McCurry.

And to everyone else, thanks for a great season. It’s never been this close before. Well done coaches.

Signed this day, the twenty-seventh day of the twelfth month of the two thousand and fifth year of the year of our Lord,

The Venerable Commish Rob

And here are the ECFC 2005 Final Results:

  1. Super Bowl Champion: Memphis Mojo
  2. Super Bowl Runner Up: Hellions
  3. Super Bowl Consolation Champion: Orlando Chupacabras
  4. Super Bowl Consolation Runner Up: Arkansas Hairballs
  5. Mediocre Champion: Oviedo Blue Darters
  6. Mediocre Runner Up: Your Mama
  7. Mediocre Consolation Champion: The Stormtroopers
  8. Mediocre Consolation Runner Up: Celtic Conundrum
  9. Toilet Bowl Champion: MudSlingin’ Dirt Dawgs
  10. Toilet Bowl Runner Up: Rev Bill
  11. Toilet Bowl Consolation Champion: Budapest Brawlers
  12. Toilet Bowl Consolation Runner Up: Beach Bums
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  • Hey — enjoyed the year! Rev Bill will return next year!