vacation extended

Sometimes it’s really stressful and a pain getting all our stuff packed for a flight, cramming everything in, making sure nothing is over 50 pounds, getting it all in line, checking in and getting through security in time.

Other times you only get to do most of it without the satisfying feeling of making all connections, finding all your checked bags, and seeing your friend pick you up at the airport to go home.

Today was the latter. Apparently the Atlanta airport was having trouble with a little rain (not even ice or snow…just rain so they say). So as Patricia and I got to the Air Tran ticket counter at Dulles we found out our flight to Atlanta would be delayed. So much the delay that we’d miss our connecting flight.

Apparently there was only one other flight from Atlanta to Orlando tonight and it was overbooked. We’d probably not make that flight and would have to find our own housing there.

We rebooked for tomorrow morning and came back to Patricia’s mom’s place.

That’s one way to get your vacation extended.

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  • Atlanta’s airport closed because of rain?

  • My brother ran into a similar problem going from Orlando to Atlanta, and Delta rebooked him on a non-stop to DFW (his ultimate destination) for an extra $25. He called me from DFW and said his flight from Atlanta left an hour before he was on the ground in DFW.

  • rob

    Okay, since then we’ve learned there were tornados, high winds, and hail. But that’s not what they told us at the ticket counter.

    Now that makes sense why ATL was shut down!

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