excessively priced houses

I keep hearing that my house is appreciating in value very fast. And I appreciate that too. Now I’ve learned it’s probably overpriced by 33%. It’s worse in Naples, FL at 84% over valued.

The best bargain is in College Station, TX where houses are 23% undervalued. My Aggie friends will be happy to know that.

My home town of Greenville, SC, apparently is right on — which makes sense. There you get what you pay for.

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  • Huh, I didn’t know you were from Greenville; I spent many a weekend (and more than a few week-nights if there was a good concert) in Greenville when I was going to school at Toccoa Falls. And that was before the new arena (Bi-Lo Center, I think?) was built and Greenville got an ECHL hockey team.

    Saw many great concerts at the old arena, including the last appearance of Greg X. Volz with Petra, as recorded on the album and video ‘Captured In Time and Space’

    Lot of good memories in Greenville…


  • rob

    Yup. Actaully I’m from the area. But I remember the pre-Bi-Lo Arena Greenville. LOL! I remember when they blew up the old auditorium.

  • Do you by any chance remember a Christian band from the Greenville (I think) area called the Rob Cassells Band? I saw them open for several bands at the old auditorium and had a couple of the albums, my favorite was Kamikaze Christian. Steve Morse played with them on that album.

  • rob

    Nah, never heard of’em. Sorry.