favorite list for christmas

This time of year there are always lists and stuff. So I thought I’d add to the pile of lists with links galore and put a close on my Christmas posting.

Okay, I think I’ve probably numbed you to death with boredom. If you happened to make it this far, leave a comment so you can at least show your endurance. Even better, go leave a comment on one of my Flickr photos. It’s kinda fun getting comments out there too.

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  • My brother has the Grind and Brew Coffee pot, and he loves it! In fact, he’s a very pro-fresh ground coffee type guy. My wife and I make due with our Krups grinder and transferring the stuff into the Krups coffee pot, but I must say there is something about fresh ground.

  • rob

    Yeah, we were joking today that the “old way” of grinding and tranferring is now “classic coffee” for us. LOL!

  • Well — I will show Sally the picture of the Grind and Brew so she will now know what I’m talking about now! I know I “shalt not covet” – but — 🙂
    And — congrats on the “favorite Bowl game” — I had a “favorite first quarter” yesterday — but that was about it!:)

  • rob

    Sorry for you about the Carolina game. And yeah, the Grind and Brew is very cool! Patricia and her sister went in together and got all sorts of deals (sales and cupons) to come out pretty nice.

  • Thanks for the sentiments on the game — and enjoy the grind and brew. I showed Sally the picture — so now she knows what I’m talking about!

  • rob

    Maybe you should print out a photo and URL for her and post it on the fridge! 😉

  • So, I pretty much love Lost. I’ve just finished the season, and I’m definitely hooked. Happy watching!