There was a guy on my flight to London named Bond. They called for him over the loudspeaker.

I just thought that was cool.

But it wasn’t as cool as my co-worker’s flight. He was on a different flight. He sat by…

Jimmy Carter.

Yup, that Jimmy Carter.

i think i need a new passport

You may remember that I lost 30 pounds last year (truth be told, it was 35, but I’ve found a couple of them since then).

Anyway today as I was checking in for my flight to London, I showed my passport to the lady in line to ID myself.

She looked closely. Then took a step back. She looked down. She looked up. I smiled. She then said, “This doesn’t look like you.”

I pulled out my Florida drivers license and she said, “Okay, that looks like you.”

I told her I lost weight. The other lady came by to see what was going on. She agreed.

It was funny. But maybe I should get a new passport photo. I’m stuck with this one for 6 more years.

Or eat more.

foto friday

Spring Gardening in Budapest

Spring Gardening in Budapest, originally uploaded by orangejack.

One of my favorite photos from when we went to Budapest, April 05. I was walking by and saw her and the chickens. I turned the corner and walked down the sidewalk where this photo was taken. I was nervous to take it, but as I walked by I just stuck my camera in the air, aimed it hoping she was in the photo, and snapped. I never broke stride. I think it came out perfect.

clemson 2006 football schedule

2006 Clemson Football Schedule Announced

Clemson 2006 Football Schedule
Sept. 2 vs Florida Atlantic
Sept. 9 at Boston College
Sept. 16 at Florida State
Sept. 23 vs North Carolina
Sept. 30 vs Louisiana Tech or at Temple
Oct. 7 at Wake Forest
Oct.14 at Temple or vs Louisiana Tech
Oct. 21 vs Georgia Tech
Oct. 26 at Virginia Tech
Nov. 4 vs Maryland
Nov. 11 vs NC State
Nov. 25 vs South Carolina

Opponents on Sept. 30 and Oct. 14 to be determined
Times and Game Designations TBA
Note: Spring Game at Death Valley, April 8, 1:00 PM

The thing that jumps right out at me is that Clemson plays Virginia Tech this year. My wife is a Hokie, I’m a Tiger. But worse still is that they play on our 10th Wedding Anniversary. Ugh.

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get flicker

flickr_logo_betaWhat is flickr? Just the coolest, hippest place to display and share your photos, that’s all! And it’s so simple to use that I shouldn’t even need to make this flickr tutorial…but my current insomnia is allowing me to do it (okay, you can read mine, or you can read his…I don’t care).

According to the flickr website, they say they want to provide a place to share and organize digital photos.

Actually flickr is a photo blog. They call it a photostream, but it’s really a blog. For example, if you go to my photostream you’ll see the anatomy of a blog. Each photo is it’s own post complete with a title, photo and optional description, and a place for comments. The most recent is at the top and each photo can be tagged (or given descriptive names or categories).

So the short answer is flickr is just a photo blog. But oh, flickr can do so much more! It’s a community of other flickr-people. You can set other people to be your contacts (friends, family, or just contacts). This is cool because you can set your photos to only be viewed by certain groups of contacts. Also it’s cool because if you make others your contact, you can watch their photos easier (especially through RSS).

Uploading images is a snap (it’ll even re-size large images down to thumbnail and other sized images on the fly). Tagging your photos adds them to the public pool of similar photos. You can join groups to share photos together and have discussions. If you find photos you like that others have posted, mark it as one of your favorites.

If you’re a blogger, you can set up your blog account so that you can post a photo from flickr in one click. You can even set it so others can use your photo in a blog. I’ve even set the flickr explore page as my start-up page so when I open my browser, I get a really cool photo to get my browser started.

Flickr has done us all a favor in putting together a list for how to get the most out of it. Or just go to your account to get rolling and max out flickr.

So I encourage you, if you have a digi-cam, why not share some of those photos with others? You can make them available for people to download (or not) and choose who can see them. And be sure to add me as a contact. I’d love to see what you’re doing on flickr! And stop by and leave a comment on some photos and make them a favorite if you so choose!

All you need is a flickr or yahoo account (yahoo bought flickr last year).

Happy Flickring!