new rss icon

Microsoft is supposed to release their upgrade to Internet Explorer later this year. Included in that release will be the ability to integrate RSS feeds better into the browser.

Last month Microsoft announced that the icon they will use for RSS feeds will be the same one that their competitor, Firefox, uses.

So get used to this icon. You’ll begin to see it more and more as the year goes on.

Feed Icon, originally uploaded by VicKuP.

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  • That’s pretty funny! My first reaction when I saw your post in Bloglines was, hey, there’s the Livelines icon from Firefox. Then I read the post talking about Microsoft, and it took a second to get over the cognitive dissonance of them appropriating their competitor’s logo.

  • Microsoft development team bloggers blogged about the new icon and the collaboration last month.

  • rob

    Yeah, I know they did. I’m just slow on the update. I read it back then but never blogged about it. Plus I just found a large icon to use for a blog post! 😉

  • I need to update my blog to use the icon.

  • rob

    Jack, be sure to check out for downloadable icons. I found out post-post.

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