You ever hear someone ask, “What are you passionate about? What is it that keeps you up at night?”

They usually ask this because the things that keep you up at night are the things you’re passionate about. Or something like that.

I’ve found my passion. Apparently it’s inept college football kickers because they kept me up late last night.

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  • Ah, but wasn’t the final result just grand!?!

    Not to mention what it did to my standing in a certain Bowl Mania game!

  • It was truly a great game — although my passion gave out at halftime!

  • rob

    Paul, I picked PSU so I guess I was kinda pulling for them. But being an ACC fan, I was kinda pulling for FSU too. It was good to see JoPa top off a great season so that’s cool. But really, I didn’t care that much.