is vince a vick in longhorn clothing?

Photo obviously a screen shot from ABC, but uploaded by The Mighty MJD

Vince Young is incredible. I think this dude could even “out-Vick” Vick (UPDATE: By Vick I mean Michael, not Marcus!).

Did you see the game last night? Congrats to UT for a great game and clutch win. Congrats to USC for an incredible run. Congrats to me for staying up late two nights in a row and making it to work the next day.

UPDATE: Well, it’s not really an update. Just I’m taking a break at lunch and wanted to say a little more and give some link love.

Mostly I wanted to say that the game was really good and entertaining. It was strange though.

  • Lots of fumbles.
  • Bush trying a lateral when he shouldn’t (photo)
  • Missed calls like Vince Young’s lateral when his knee was down for a TD. (photo)

It was just a strange but entertaining game. I did get tired of the announcers pulling for USC though. Too obvious. Even the scoreboard quickly flashed that USC was the champion.

And this photo gallery from the Orlando Sentinel (via LA Times) is almost all pro-USC photos. Even if they are all from the LA Times, the Orlando Sentinel could change the photos out, could they not? It’s their site. Bias or lazy?

Fanblogs has a good Rose Bowl rundown full of links.

UPDATE: Terry Bowden has a nice article to wrap up the game.

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  • Good wrap up Rob. But, I think Vince Young has a better football body and stands a chance top be even better than Vick. With him being from Houston and the Texans having the first draft pick, I’ll bet he comes out for the NFL draft. Give him a couple of years and he’ll be the best.

    Thanks for hosting the Bowl Mania group. It was a lot of fun.