vick done at vt

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I mean, it’s sad really. Marcus was given all graces but he abused them all and now he’s out. This kid had such a bright future. He can still redeem it, but he won’t do it as a Hokie.

Vick has been a real ninny. Good for VT stepping up and doing the right thing.

UPDATE: Dennis Dodd of CBS Sportsline opines about Marcus and the Vick name.

UPDATE: I’ve been thinking about this more and one thing still concerne me: Marcus was arrested before the bowl game and still played. Did VT bow to media pressure? Why lay low about it until after the game?

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  • Rob, according to the VT press release:

    “Yesterday afternoon, it came to our attention that Vick was charged in Hampton on December 17 exceeding the speed limit and with driving on a suspended or revoked license. It was not posted by the Hampton Court until January 5…the day before we became aware of it.”

  • rob

    Good catch, Jack. Thanks. That makes me feel better about the admin at VT.

  • Hate to be the bearer of bad news – but that is a bag of doo-doo. CBS reports that Beamer knew of the ticket on Dec 19th. The article is here.

  • rob

    I prefer the word “dookie” instead.

    So according to that article it seems only Beemer knew, not the admin. Sigh. This whole thing is a mess. I see Vick as a mid-round draft pick unless he does really well in the combines.

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