you should get lost tonight

lostLost finally gets cranked back up tonight. I can’t wait. If you’re one of those people who have not seen the show, you can kind of get caught up tonight. Two episodes will air and the first one is a full series recap so to speak:

The fuselage survivors and the “tailies” endure the grueling first 48 days on the island after the crash of Oceanic Flight 815.

After that one airs, the first new one comes on and it looks to be a great one:

“The 23rd Psalm”
Mr. Eko questions Charlie about the Virgin Mary statue; Claire begins to lose faith in Charlie when she learns his secret; Jack watches with interest as Kate gives Sawyer a long-overdue haircut.

This is really a great show. Starts tonight on ABC at 8 EST. Check local listings.

UPDATE: There may be a spoiler for tonight’s new eppy if you’re interested.

UPDATE: Both TV Squad and Jollyblogger offer some recaps.

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