patricia is great…she made me a chocolate cake

chocolate cake, originally uploaded by orangejack.

I love cake. I really like chocolate cake too. My favorite cake though is the yellow cake my grandmom would make with fudge icing. But chocolate cake is great too.

Well, with my crazy diet I can’t have eggs or wheat (flour). But we praise the Good Lord for Whole Foods Market for there, He hath provided some great alternatives using some of the other foods He has put on this earth.

We found a chocolate cake mix that is wheat free, gluten free, peanut free (I can have those though), dairy free, egg free, and nut free. I figured it’d be taste free also. But we got it and Patricia made it for me last night.

Funny but true story: Patricia makes the best chocolate chip cookies. Her sister, Susie, makes the best cakes. Susie would make cakes all the time just like Patricia would with her cookies. So needless to say I’d eat a lot of cookies and Kurt, Susie’s husband, would eat a lot of cake.

One day a few years ago we were visiting them and Kurt said, “I just want cookies! I’m tired of cake”, to which I replied, “I just want cake! I’m tired of cookies.” So our wives baked for the in-law husband that afternoon. Wonderful! (now let me just say for the record Patricia makes great cake and Susie makes great cookies, but they just usually don’t bake those items)

Anyway, this cake is great! So today I’m singing her praises.

“Patricia is great…she made me a chocolate cake!”

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  • I’m sitting here laughing because I get the Cosby reference … nice! đŸ™‚

  • rob

    I was hoping someone would catch that!

  • Bill

    Yea — and the cake looks delicious! (No way to attach a piece to an e-mail is there? O well — I can hope!)

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