t.o. in tampa?

I don’t get it. People keep talking about Terrell Owens playing in Tampa next year. I know it started when:

A couple of years ago, when Owens was making news for things other than spectacular touchdowns in San Francisco, Bucs Coach Jon Gruden once was asked how difficult it would be to handle such a player.

“Yeah, he’s a real pain in the [expletive],” Gruden said. “I’ll take three just like him.”

And though Chris Harry of the Orlando Sentinel thinks T.O. is too costly (same article linked above), what I’m not hearing in the discussion is on huge twist of irony if he came:

T.O. in Philly got “Keyshawned”. That is, he was paid to never come back. Why is it called “being Keyshawned”? Because Tampa Bay invented “Keyshawning” someone when they “Keyshawned” Keyshawn Johnson.

I just don’t get why they think T.O. would be easier to handle in a place that invented “Keyshawning” someone.

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