martin luther king

Martin Luther King, originally uploaded by Carl M..

Today is the day we honor Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr and all he stood for: peace and civil rights.

Today Greenville County, South Carolina, my home county, is finally recognizing this day as important. It’s the last county in the US to make this a paid holiday.

To me, this is a good day. I wish we had more pastors (or even non-pastors) like MLK who stood for moral and cultural change.

A little bit of tid for you, my Grandfather was a lawyer in South Carolina years ago. My Uncle posted about growing up in that era and dealing with the changes MLK worked for — even in his own home. I’m proud of my Uncle’s confession. I’m proud of my Grandfather’s actions. I’m proud to be from Greenville County. Warts and all.

But mostly I’m proud to be a son of the same God that my Uncle, Grandfather, and Martin Luther King, Jr. have. For it’s from Him that these men found the ability to be better men.

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  • Bill

    That is something all Christians — regardless of race, sex, nationality, etc — can be proud of. And — if I might add — Dad was always very proud of his first grandchild! 🙂