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  • Bill

    And yours also 🙂

  • Bill is right! HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!! Your post is funny. I love how you crack (no pun intended) your self up with stuff like this.

  • rob

    What’s so funny? Mine? Huh? I’m just stating a scientific fact that Uranus is a gassy place. Uranus is also huge. Uranus is dark. I’m glad that Uranus is so far from me because I don’t ever want to get near it. Could you imagine being on a rocket and getting stuck up Uranus? That would stink.

  • jlo

    Are there any moons on Uranus?
    Did you know the wind on Uranus blows 90-360 mph?

  • OK, that made me laugh.

  • OK, so how did you know I had Mexican food for lunch yesterday?

  • Jo

    As far as planets go, Uranus blows. Thanks for making all my children laugh.

  • rob

    Ha ha! Glad I could make your boys laugh, Jo. Shows how grown up I really am!