Guys, this is what a marriage is about. Tonight I’m watching the Miss America pageant with my wife and a friend of hers.

Tomorrow I get to watch the NFC and AFC Championships.

So I’m trying to get into it. Being from South Carolina I was pulling for her and she made the top 10. Florida made it to the top 10 also so she was my backup plan. Virginia made it to the top 5 so my wife is happy (for the record, the top 5 were Virginia, Oklahoma, Washington DC, Georgia, and Alabama).

Patricia’s friend is from Mississippi and she didn’t make it. I tried to trash talk with them but it didn’t work.

UPDATE: Oklahoma won. Oh joy.

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  • Bill

    Maybe this compromise thing runs in our family. Sally and I watched Miss America last night — and I’m getting to watch the games today. But — does it count if I fell asleep after the first 30 minutes of Miss America? I won’t fall asleep watching the football games — and don’t care if Sally does! 🙂

  • My youngest daughter had to watch. My 16 year old son appeared for the swinsuit competition (no surprise there!). I predicted a brunette. And after Ms OK’s answer about being teased as a kid…they had to give her the crown.

    As for football, we are from Wisconsin and the Packer season was over a long time ago!