i’ve lost the time line

Screenshot and some discussion on this from TVSquad.com

I’ve gotten myself all confused with the time line in the TV show LOST. I thought I was tracking pretty well with it…of course I also assumed that the crash and the days on the island (50 so far) were “present day”. I know it takes a few weeks sometimes to show one day on the island, but still.

Well this week’s eppy put a huge twist into my thinking. There was a flashback to Jack’s “former life” pre-crash. In it he is about to operate. A closeup of the x-ray shows, low and behold, the date 16 Nov 2005! That was a Wednesday if you’re keeping score at home.

Today is 66 days from 16 Nov 06. So maybe the flight took off around the end of the year of 2005 or sometime later (or much later). Or maybe I’m just a nut trying to figure it all out. Guess it doesn’t matter too much.

There is a timeline on the Lost Wiki that helps some, but not fully.

UPDATE: Okay, it just turned out to be an editing mistake. Bummer.

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