championship sunday

2006 NFL Playoffs Logo

The playoffs get cranked back up today and I’m excited!

AFC Championship: 3:00 EST kickoff on CBS
at null

UPDATE: Pittsburgh beat Denver 34-17. The Steelers advance to the Super Bowl where they are 4-1 in that game all time. They will face the Seattle Seahawks or Carolina Panthers.

NFC Championship: 6:30 EST kickoff on FOX

UPDATE: Seattle beat Carolina 34-14. The Seahawks advance to the Super Bowl for the first time ever. They will face the Pittsburgh Steelers.

I’m picking Seattle and Denver uh, Pittsburgh, to advance to Super Bowl XL. But I’m pulling for Carolina.

Who ya got? I know Grant has Denver and Carolina while Paul’s got the Steelers and Seahawks.

Dave’s Football Blog will be liveblogging the games (see his Conference Championship Eve post too)

UPDATE: Well I’m bummed that the Carolina team that showed up was the same that would play so bad. The Panthers were schizo all year. But today was about the collapse of two quarterbacks…or the great play of two quarterbacks. The two who were horrible ain’t playing in Detroit. My early pick is Seattle. And that’s who I’ll be pulling for.

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  • My early pick is Seattle. And that’s who I’ll be pulling for.

    Aw, that’s nice; every losing team needs at least a couple of fans cheering for them!! :-p

  • rob

    Paul, what, you a Steeler freak or something? 😉

  • Possibly 😉