bonus foto friday :: a foto monday


This morning at work, as I pulled in, I had to stop and take this photo. I thought I’d add a bonus Foto Friday…this one a Foto Monday!

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  • WOW!! This view is amazing and beautiful! I’m glad you captured it in a photo.

  • Oh, and the colors are amazing!

  • rob

    Thanks. It was a beautiful morning today.

  • Bill

    An amazing photo! Thanks for sharing!

  • Awesome photo! My youngest daughter is 11, she takes tons of sunrise and sunset photos. She says they will be on church bulletins someday 🙂 I don’t know what she is planning to do with all the pictures of cats, her feet, close-ups of her forehead, etc

  • rob

    Linda, tell her to get a Flickr account and upload there! I’d love to see her shots. Let me know if you need help setting it up. I need to post here a Flickr tutorial. Humm….