my new photo feed

I have just added a RSS feed for my photos. So if you’re into subscribing to blogs, etc, you can now subscribe to my photos as I upload them. I upload my photos to Flickr often and don’t always post them here.

Now you can subscribe both to the blog rss feed and photo rss feed (also linked in the sidebar).

If you’re not subscribing to RSS feeds, just head over to Bloglines and get started. Here’s how and why.

So subscribe and be sure to stop by Flickr and comment over there too!

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  • Jim

    Thanks for the RSS tutorial. Hadn’t used it before, but now I’ve got a Bloglines account set up and I think I’m going to like that a lot more than scrolling through my bookmarks looking for updates.

  • rob

    No problem. That’s exactly why I like Bloglines.

  • Another similiar option to keep from scrolling is I like it because I just get one email each day on who has updated their blogs and a short teaser.

  • rob

    That’s cool, Andy. Could you forward me a copy of an example. I didn’t want to sign in! I’d love to see it.