clemson 2006 football schedule

2006 Clemson Football Schedule Announced

Clemson 2006 Football Schedule
Sept. 2 vs Florida Atlantic
Sept. 9 at Boston College
Sept. 16 at Florida State
Sept. 23 vs North Carolina
Sept. 30 vs Louisiana Tech or at Temple
Oct. 7 at Wake Forest
Oct.14 at Temple or vs Louisiana Tech
Oct. 21 vs Georgia Tech
Oct. 26 at Virginia Tech
Nov. 4 vs Maryland
Nov. 11 vs NC State
Nov. 25 vs South Carolina

Opponents on Sept. 30 and Oct. 14 to be determined
Times and Game Designations TBA
Note: Spring Game at Death Valley, April 8, 1:00 PM

The thing that jumps right out at me is that Clemson plays Virginia Tech this year. My wife is a Hokie, I’m a Tiger. But worse still is that they play on our 10th Wedding Anniversary. Ugh.

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  • 10-26 is a great day to have an anniversary! Mine is that same date.

  • rob

    No kidding!?!? What year?

  • We got married in 1985, so it was our big 20th last fall 🙂

    Technically we were married at our rehearsal the night before(but I don’t count that). My minister’s father passed away, so he cancelled on us on Thursday before the Saturday wedding. We called around desparate for someone to marry us. None of the pastor’s would because they had not had classes with us (grrrr). My husband’s assistant pastor, still in seminary, said he would do it. The full time pastor ok’ed it (against his better judgement he told us! LOL) So we had a full rehearsal on Friday night: we said all our vows, I cried, even signed the marriage license that night…so Pastor Dave would not forget the next day. He whipsered to us as we left the church, we could run off now if we wanted and I was so tempted. But we didnt. We had a sweet short ceremony in the little country church I grew up with. A beautiful autumn day. Doesn’t seem like 20 years have passed. But three kids, a couple moves, lots of of ups and downs, its still awesome! 🙂

  • rob

    very nice story, linda. that’s cool. thanks for sharing it.

  • Oh my! I do get long winded don’t I?