i think i need a new passport

You may remember that I lost 30 pounds last year (truth be told, it was 35, but I’ve found a couple of them since then).

Anyway today as I was checking in for my flight to London, I showed my passport to the lady in line to ID myself.

She looked closely. Then took a step back. She looked down. She looked up. I smiled. She then said, “This doesn’t look like you.”

I pulled out my Florida drivers license and she said, “Okay, that looks like you.”

I told her I lost weight. The other lady came by to see what was going on. She agreed.

It was funny. But maybe I should get a new passport photo. I’m stuck with this one for 6 more years.

Or eat more.

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  • Don’t eat more. You look great now!

  • Bill

    If you need 30 lbs. I have some to spare and would be glad to give them to you!

  • Ditto, Bill. I’d look much better if Rob would take 30 pounds from me!

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