There was a guy on my flight to London named Bond. They called for him over the loudspeaker.

I just thought that was cool.

But it wasn’t as cool as my co-worker’s flight. He was on a different flight. He sat by…

Jimmy Carter.

Yup, that Jimmy Carter.

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  • bloody cool.

  • I think bloody is a swear word over there, isn’t it?
    Maybe they were just making it up! Anyway, that’s wicked cool.

  • Jason

    How odd it must be to go from Air Force One to dealing with airports, security, plane delays for weather in Omaha, when you’re in the ATL. Course it’s just odd to deal with airports for any one.

  • Hey when you are in London say Hi to my cousin (hee hee)They have banned blogspot again. Can’t read anyone else’s blog 🙁