superbowl xl is today!

I’m back home catching up on all sorts of stuff. Over the rest of the week I’ll try and get all that I’ve missed posted up in here somehow. But to get things cranked up, I’ve gotta get a Super Bowl XL post in here (note I’m using the term “Super Bowl” even though I shouldn’t (harrumph!)). Now if you’re not into sports, don’t click away yet. There’s plenty in here for you.

So here’s a roundup from the last week that I’ve caught up with so far:

And this is the best cartoon I’ve seen for the game (from SteelerDirtFreak):

I’m pulling for Seattle, but won’t mind if Pittsburgh. I hope it’s a good game and secretly think the Steelers will win. But tonight I’m a Seahawk fan.

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  • Talking about commercials, the one I’m most looking forward to seeing is the return of MacGyver…at least I have heard that Richard Dean Anderson is doing a spot AS MacGyver…hope it’s true!