bad spam karma

I use Spam Karma 2 to help my fight against spam on this WordPress blog. But lately I’ve noticed a lot of spam getting through. Well, the creator of Spam Karma 2 posted his State of Spam [Karma]:

Unfortunately, as some of you might have noticed, SK2’s performances as seen from the outside, seem to have dropped suddenly over the past few days. While the bulk of the spam still remains at the door, a meaningful percentage now manages to fly right through SK2’s basic filters. And given the numbers involved, even 1% of all spam attempts is a lot to deal with…The reason for this sudden burst, is a new breed of spam, or more likely, of spambots. It is confirmed now that some spammers have gotten hold of much more efficient spamming tools. Ones that bypass some of SK2’s strongest filters without trouble.

Well that ‘splains a lot. Stupid spambots. Just another thing to add to my “things I hate” list.

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  • I started having increased problems with Spam comments several weeks ago. I modified most of the settings in SK2. The one that had the biggest positive effect, was changing the advanced options for the Anubis setting.

  • I’ve switched all of my sites over to Akismet, which now comes included with WP 2.0 and higher.

    It has caught 100% of the spam on all 29 sites and only 1 false positive, which was extremely easy to retrieve.

    I used SK2 for about a year (and the original SK before that) and while it was good, I would highly recommend Akismet over SK2 based upon my my results.

  • I use Bad Behavior and have noticed an increase in spam as well as one of my ISP email boxes. Grrr….

    I am glad I am not alone, although I wish no one had to deal with this.