maybe the devil has all the good music, but christians have technology

I must confess, this is an odd report. But it’s interesting: Americans’ On-the-Go Lifestyles and Entertainment Appetites Fuel Increasing Reliance Upon Technology

The research also examined the penetration of technology among the nation’s nearly 90 million born again adults. Of the 14 technological services and products studied, born again Christians represent, on average, two out of every five users (40%). The penetration of most technologies reached identical levels for both born again and non-born again Americans. Both audiences own an average of five digital technologies that were assessed in the research.

However, non-born again consumers were more likely than were Christians to possess mobile devices such as GPS, mobile music players, and portable computers. They were also more likely to have high-speed Internet access. However, even in these areas, the born again segment represents one-quarter of the GPS market and more than one-third of the market for iPods, MP3 players, and mobile computers.

In other areas, born again Christians did not lag at all: they account for nearly half (45%) of the consumer audience when it came to desktop computers, satellite television, and cellular telephones. Evangelicals – who are a subset of the born again audience – were actually more likely than average to have cell phones (83%), desktop computers (78%), and home Internet access (77%).

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