new mnf on espn announcers announced


Former quarterback Joe Theismann, Washington Post columnist Tony Kornheiser and Mike Tirico will be the broadcast crew for “Monday Night Football” next season as the long-running show shifts to ESPN from ABC.

I really like Kornheiser, but I wonder how he’ll do providing color. Probably the color orange.

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  • Brian

    Tirico is solid. Tony K. will be interesting–is he too old to stay up for the whole game? Joe T. comes across too much as a know-it-all. Where is Al Michaels going?

  • rob

    I think I thought I heard Al is retiring. I’m not sure though Al is going to NBC.

  • Bill

    What about Madden? I’ll miss him!
    As for Tony K. — isn’t he one of the “Pardon The Interruption” guys? I hope he does not do too much “orange” for the “color” — it’s not my favorite, you know. Garnet is a much better choice.

  • rob

    JM is going to NBC. Yes, TK is from PTI.

    The joke has always been about TK that he looks like he is this big orange head.

  • Kornheiser, the one who ridiculed Jacksonville as a Super Bowl venue (see That will play well in Florida, won’t it.

  • rob

    Yeah, he went after JAX…but if I remember, many did. That aside, I like him though. He’s mostly silly. I wonder how it’ll go over though calling a game. I loved his radio show. Love PTI. Just wonder how MNF will go.