• Yea, yea — only because I directed my vast audiance to it yesterday! 🙂
    You do great tutorials — even I can understand them!

  • rob

    Yup! Every link counts! I’m glad you can understand them. That’s the goal! 😉

  • Beautiful! With millions of people searching for stuff on the Web every day, it’s the text-based “organic” keyword searches that can connect what you have to say and what people are searching for. Relevancy is a great way to serve people where they’re at. So, will you show us a graph of your web traffic spike too? 🙂

  • rob

    I keep some open stats for anyone to see stat counter. But it only shows the last 100 visitor details (because it’s free). You can see the traffic history for visits though.

    And as it turns out, the most popular pages right now have to deal with a post on LOST, Torino Medal Count, and the Flickr Tutorial.

  • Congratulations!