• Yes! I was wondering how to do this!

  • They still haven’t figured out that the URL of my blog has changed, so to quote Shania: “They don’t impress me much.”

  • rob

    Jack, I now realize that because you moved to another service and your feed changed, Bloglines wouldn’t know you moved. It would think there are two accounts with two feeds…which is kind of what was the case.

    I’ve finally unsubscribed to the old one and subscribed to the blogspot one.

  • Rob, the feeds for the blog remained the same, however, burned through Feedburner. So it doesn’t make sense that you should have had to resubscribe. What should have happened is BlogLines should have propogated the URL change through to the UI. It’s almost as if BlogLines used the URL for a primary key (instead of an artificial primary key) then couldn’t update the URL because of it.