This weekend I had a couple of “what the?” moments.

First, I was at Wal Mart. Yes, that was the first problem. I’m now used to Target so I guess I’m a little high-nosed about my large, discount, buy-everything stores.

Anyway, I’m walking through Wal Mart and all of a sudden, in the reddest-necked shrill voice I hear lofting through the isles, “Mommy! A pillow! A pillow! And it’s just two bucks! Mommy!”

Mentally I played the same game you’re probably playing right now of “how old is this little girl?” Answer? About 30.

That’ll teach me to not go to Target.

Then on the way home, we were stopped at a stoplight. All of a sudden the light turned green so I started driving. So did the person beside me. Both of us at a normal pace, he a bit faster than I.

Soon, while I’m still getting up to speed, he cuts me off changing lanes. He was about 20 yards in front of me when he changed. He didn’t need to change either since there was no traffic, he wasn’t turning for another mile, oh, and he didn’t use his blinker to cut me off.

I flashed my lights once to say, “Hey! What gives?”

He flashed his undercover police lights.

I guess that was his way of saying, “So? I’m a cop. I can drive how I want and you can’t do anything about it.”

But at least I ended the weekend having some good BBQ and blogging.

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  • Some days (and weekends) are like that — aren’t they?:)

  • Lori

    It is almost ALWAYS a mistake to go to WalMart!! Gotta love Target.

  • Maybe he just flashed his fake police lights he ordered from a catalog?

    Now, now, are you a Walmart snob? I prefer Target too, but the closest one is an hour away. Walmart only a half hour drive. But I never whine there or say “Mommy.” 🙂

  • OK, since my blog identifies me as a “21st Century Missional REDNECK Geek, I’m wondering what’s wrong with a redneck voice?? 😀

  • rob

    Don’t worry, Paul. She wasn’t a Steeler fan.