psa: internet scheduled to go down tomorrow

You may know that from time to time, the internet just gets full of junk. Thankfully, a group of computer geeks volunteers have created a system to help us all. The cleanup is scheduled to run for about 24 hours starting tomorrow.

Google, Yahoo, Ask Jeeves, and the search guys at Microsoft have all worked together to create a special search robot to scour the web and clean out old and outdated websites.

From what I can tell, it’s similar to them agreeing on the “no-follow” tag used in blogging comments.

It’s nice to see the heavy search engine guys come together to purge and prune the internet.

These search robots will be looking for any web page that hasn’t been updated in 7 years. Why 7? Apparently 1998 was decided as the year that “responsible” web site creation began. No one has cleaned out the very first sites.

I also heard that they are working with Technorati, who searches blogs effectively, to find dead blogs and delete them.

So come Sunday morning there may be lots of new domain names available…and a cleaner, leaner, faster internet!

My advice is not to add any blog posts or web pages to the internet tomorrow. It could get ugly. Every registered email address with Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft should get an “all clear” email sent early Sunday morning.

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foto friday

baby walker, originally uploaded by orangejack.

Spring has sprung in Orlando. And so have the baby Sand Hill Cranes.


Plastic cups cost less than a dollar.

I found some cheap red wine at Whole Foods last night for $6. The wine is from California and it’s actually called “Cheap Red Wine”.

But the coolest glasses to use to drink the cheap red wine out of cost $43.

It’s like rain on your wedding day.

Thanks Gizmodo.

where is geoge mason?

I keep hearing that no one outside of the Washington, DC area knows where George Mason University is.

It’s right here!

BTW, the dorms being built off Patriot Cir to the east were completed in 1999. This is an old sat shot.

And if you really want to know, scroll down Robert’s Rd to the south until you get to the intersection at Burke Center Parkway. See Old Landing Way at that intersection? That’s where we used to live.

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after round 4

after round 4, originally uploaded by orangejack.

That’s it. I’m done. I won’t be posting any more updates on this because I can’t get any more games correct. All I got was UCLA into the Final 4 and that’s it.

Now I’m pulling for George Mason!

george mason – the bracket buster

I’m pretty excited that my bracket is horrible right now because George Mason upset UConn today to go to the final 4.

The Patriots became the second double-digit seed to make the Final Four, matching LSU’s run, also as an 11th seed, in 1986. The Colonial Athletic Association team is the first true outsider to crash the Final Four since Penn and Indiana State both got there in 1979.

Why do I care about GMU, you say? Well, for one, Patricia grew up blocks from the campus in Fairfax, VA. Second, when Patricia started our ministry together, it was at George Mason. We were on that campus daily from 98-99.

So we’re pretty happy about this. Cool! Go Patriots!

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after round 3

after round 3, originally uploaded by orangejack.

Buh by Duke, hello George Mason.

I only got 3 of the Elite 8 correct. ugh.