another lost reference to the wizard of oz?

I’ve talked about the connection between Henry Gale, Lost, and the Wizard of Oz before already. But last night I ran across another connection between the Wizard of Oz and the show Lost.

Sawyer calls the guy who seems to be the head of “the others” (the bearded guy) “Zeke”. I’ve been scratching my head about why he’d call him that. Sawyer is always making up funny nicknames for everyone on the island. Sawyer has only “met” him once — when he was on the boat stealing Walt.

Here’s the connection: in the Wizard of Oz, most of the characters in Oz were people Dorothy knew back in Kansas. The Cowardly Lion, back in Kansas, was named Zeke.

Now how would Sawyer come up with this? Or did he get lucky? Or, again, are the writers just playing with us?

As I think about it, calling him Zeke does have some foreshadowing to last weeks episode where we found out Zeke is clean-shaven and wears the beard as a disguise on the island. He’s not who he appears to be (just like the Wizard). Could it turn out that Zeke is really a coward? Does he need to prove himself? He’s not in charge fully because he mentioned someone else.

What are these writers doing? They’re freaking my mind out.

BTW, did you know you can read all my posts on LOST?

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  • cg

    Zeke is also a named used to describe a hillbilly.

  • Amazingly, I came up with this theroy aswell a mere couple of episodes into the first season back in Aug 05 – see I was shot down then, but maybe I was right after all, and they were the very early signs of a much larger plot that Lost is based on the Wizard of Oz. Interesting…..

  • jillian

    There are so many connections to oz. In the episode where desmond meets the lady in the jewelery store who is trying to force him to buy the ring for his girlfriend, they go outside and a man walks out of the subway and she interupts herself to say, “red shoes, interresting fashion choice” or something like that and then a building falls on the guy. hello, witch of the east. and locke calls ben the wizard of oz near the end of season 3.

  • rob

    Yeah, obviously I wrote this post a while back when the references just started. Since then they just keep coming. That and Alice In Wonderland references. They must be big fans of those two works.