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I’ve recently learned a nice way to keep up with comments on different blogs.

  • If you want to subscribe to all the comments to a Word Press (and some others) blogs, you can put the comment feed in your RSS reader. I created a folder in Bloglines called “comments” for this. The standard formula for site comment feeds is The one for this site is
  • For Word Press blogs (and some others) you can subscribe to the comments for just that post. It’s a nice way to stay up with just that conversation. I think the formula for the default feed is the post’s unique web address with /feed after it. So because this post’s URL is…/keeping-up-with-comments-tip/ then the feed for comments on this post is…/keeping-up-with-comments-tip/feed
  • On some blogs (like this one), after you leave a comment, you can check a box just above the submit button to be notified by email of additional comments.
  • Another approach I read about once but have never tried is to use to keep up with conversations you’re a part of. The idea is you bookmark the conversation (post) you want to follow and tag it something like “mycomments”.
  • One last one that I’ve not used becuase it looks too similar to the solution is to create an account with

Like I said, I’ve now created a folder in Bloglines called “comments” where I’ll monitor my blogs and some conversations from other blogs. After a while, I’ll clear out a few of the feeds.

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