Pop Quiz: What is “foxylicious”?

  1. My pet name for Patricia
  2. Word to describe the flavor of a fox roasted on an open fire
  3. A plug-in for Firefox to work with

I ran across this plug-in last night and stared playing with it. What it’ll do is take your account and import and sync it with your bookmarks.

So what I did was export all of my bookmarks to back them up, then imported them into and installed foxylicious. Now I can see all of my bookmarks in my browser…and apparently it’ll keep them synced daily (or nightly, I don’t know which yet…or IF it syncs automatically because I’ve forced the sync myself).

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  • I like this plugin, but some of the stuff I post to is so random that I don’t really need it in my bookmarks. Do other people use it that way?

  • rob

    I’m not sure how others use it. I’m curious too.

    But I’m trying it and cleaning up the tags a bit. To be honest, I don’t bookmark a lot of things. I use Bloglines to be most of where I go.

    Of course you can always just click through to to browse…or make a tag called “random” or something and avoid that one in your browser?

  • I tried using it. Do you have an issue with an entry with multiple tags get imported multiple times and you have to delete the second entry manually?

  • rob

    Anuchit, yeah, it shows up multiple times. To be honest, I’ve finally turned it off. I’ve decided to not use my browser too much for bookmarks and try and make everything online one or two clicks away. Check out my new homepage and you’ll see what I mean.

    But that doesn’t solve bookmarks showing up in different categories. I just deal with it. Hey, multiple ways to get somewhere!