• karin

    I loved it! In fact, I couldn’t put the book down and I’m really looking forward to the movie. This summer when I was in the Louvre in Paris, I found myself looking for all the hidden clues to the mystery. You can even take a DaVinci code tour there.

    As for the religious side…..it didn’t make me mad. Maybe it should have, I don’t know. Since I’ve studied some Church History, all I thought was that Dan Brown should’ve paid better attention in class because he seriously got some facts wrong, but it didn’t tick me off or anything. I just felt like he needed a more knowledgeable editor. But at the end of the day, fiction–even historical fiction–is still fiction. So he can write whatever he wants to write.

  • Jeff

    I read Josh’s book over a weekend and was really impressed. It points out several of the errors in the Da Vinci Code. Even stupid little facts like how many triangles are in the pyramid at the Louve. Ron Brown has made several things sound like established fact and they are not. It is truly a fictional book. Unfortunately, I think a lot of people will take things stated in the book as fact not knowing how Brown has spinned reality.

  • I read THe Da Vinci Code — it was a great fiction / adventure / spy / mystery novel — but I don’t believe there is much truth to it’s claims about Jesus and Mary Magdalene having children, etc.

    Read it to enjoy a good adventure — not to learn anytthing!

  • phil

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  • enjoyed reading it in evenings with my husband and watched the Josh’s video series…have a copy of his book in case I have friend who read it and need facts (which I won’t remember from watching the videos alone).

    His ‘facts’ page is the most annoying accurance about the whole book. Because the dates are way wrong, the premises of the whole book are wrong. I agree with Jeff, “Unfortunately, I think a lot of people will take things stated in the book as fact not knowing how Brown has spinned reality.”

    I think it will unfortunately do the same thing for people that happened to the dwarfs in Chronicles of Narnia in the last book…rather than being confused and have doubt raised and risk having trust broken again, they will avoid Christ altogether and cling to themselves, attacking everyone else.

    (I love that I was able to make an intelligent literary comparison there. My memory is awful…I was reading both at the same time or never would have come up with something so brilliant sounding.:-)