soaring, originally uploaded by orangejack.

I’ve been seeing this Bald Eagle along with another (mate?) flying around our house a lot lately. I wish they’d come in closer!

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  • They are making a comeback around here too. I love seeing them.

    I got this picture on a foggy day back in January.

  • Jim

    Haven’t really seen any in the Clemson area…or even in SC. The only time I’ve seen them in the wild was in Alaska…and they’re EVERYWHERE up there. Pretty awesome if you ask me.

  • rob

    When we were in Vancouver the fall of 04, we found a spot just north of there that was the winter haven for Alaskan bald eagles. At that particular time of the year (I think late Nov-early Dec) the eagles from further north come to “winter” where it’s “warmer”. Ha! But we saw 50+ of them there. I have a photo but it’s hard to see the eagles. I’ll try and post it later though.

    And it is pretty awesome indeed!

  • Great photo, Rob. Reminds me, in a way, of the cover of that book we had to read in junior high: Jonathan Livingston Seagull. Only with an eagle, which is a much nobler bird.


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