more bald eagles – brackendale, bc

a few bald eaglesThere’s been several comments on my photo of a bald eagle. So I thought I’d share this story with you. BTW, you’ll need to click on these images to see larger views of them to really see the eagles.

When we were in Vancouver for the fall of 2004, we drove up to Brackendale, BC. It’s just north of Vancouver, but south of Whistler. On this google map, zoom in and scroll down Government Rd to where the Squamish River bends.

look closely, there are bald eagles everywhereThis is the place where these photos were taken. This is the place that the bald eagles further north come to “winter”. This is where they feast on the dead salmon after their run up the river.

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  • I used to live in the Garibaldi Highlands which is about 10 mins from there.