not necessary to dial a 1

You know what I hate? When I dial a “1” out of habit when calling local. You know why I hate it? Because the telephone company can’t complete the call.

They say, “We’re sorry, it is not necessary to dial a 1 or 0 when calling this number. Will you please hang up and try your call again? Thank you.”

Then they hang up on you.

If it’s not necessary but superfluous, then why not connect me? Does the phone company not know who I’m trying to call?

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  • What bugs me more is the opposite. FIDO has figured out a way to add the 1 if I forgot it. Nothing worse than remembering a number from a voicemail for the initial entry then forgetting the 1 and having to go back to voicemail to remember it.

  • The 1 is required for a landline phone to know that it is a long-distance called. It also serves to prevent accidental long distance calls on landlines as no area codes begin with 1.

  • rob

    I understand all that, but it still bugs me. They know who I’m trying to call. I just didn’t do it right.

  • You could always use your cell phone for all long distance. Then you wouldn’t have to dial the 1.

  • I get this message many times a day at work. Its hard remembering which towns get a 1 or not or if I need to dial an the area code. If figure if the computer can kick out that message, it could connect my call.

  • If you get Vonage you don’t even need to dial a 1 calling long distance.

  • rob

    yeah, I know. I use my mobile often and I have vonage at home.

    This I ran into dialing a local number at work.

  • You’re all a bunch of weenie Americans! Try figuring out how to dial a local Budapest number on a mobile phone after you just crossed the border into Croatia. Not even a U.S. Army Colonel can that straight! 🙂