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Wow! Did you see this week’s eppy of Lost? I think it’s one of the best ones so far. I have a feeling that the producers are really cranking it up for the next few weeks going into the season cliff-hanger.

Where to begin? Henry Gale = others, but what kind of others? A supply-drop. A lockdown. Jack is back as in control.

And a map.

Above is the map that Locke got a look at while pinned under the blast door. Someone recreated it so it’s easier to read. Click through to flickr and see the larger image to really read it.

Now if you want some real in depth evaluation of the map, check this dude out. Holy cow, he’s got a lot in there. I like his theory of why this map is where it is:

Why? As I said before, it looks like these Rebel Dharmites are using the secret Blast Door drawing as a method of sharing ideas and knowledge about the Island and the purpose of the Dharma experiments. I envision the By The Book Dharmites as being the type of people who would quickly squash any type of rebellious movement or thinking that differs from that of their leader. It needed to be secret. Perhaps they are planning some master coup, or just trying to find a way off the Island? Either way, they’re doing something that is going against the Dharma Status Quo.

I dig that. There are some on the island not happy about being part of the Dharma experiments. They are trying to figure it all out so they use this door. The theory is the lockdown happens when there is a supply-drop. The people in the hatch (like Desmond) won’t go outside to get the supplies. So there is a lockdown so someone outside can re-supply.

Was this Henry Gale’s mission: to re-stock the hatch, or cause a distraction when the drop happened? I bet he didn’t kill the real Henry Gale. But he assumed his identity as his cover.

I decided to look back at my other posts on Lost to find my previous questions:

  • Still looking for more info on “the whisperers”. They aren’t showing up anymore.
  • Where’s Walt?
  • Where’s Desmond?
  • The boatbillies were headed by Zeke.
  • I don’t think there’s a class system among the Others. Just different roles…and maybe some rebels.
  • Still not sure about the significance, if any, to the back-story of Henry Gale and the name’s ties to Oz.
  • I still think Zeke is in charge but nervous about people on the island.

…and next week looks great!

‘Dave’ (episode #42) New Episode
Henry Gale (Michael Emerson) provides new information about the hatch, but it unsettles Locke; and Hurley’s worried about the island’s effect on him, so he goes to Libby for support. Flashbacks recall Hurley’s days in the mental institution.

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  • Virginia

    we’re all caught up on Lost! pretty exciting stuff. Andrew studied the map all weekend. i go to http://thereignofellen.blogspot.com/ to read her conspiracy theories, and responses. she has a “Lost Discussion Thursday.”

    hope you guys are doing well. we have 7 weeks until our move date!

  • jon

    You might want to check this lost site out?

    Lost Mysteries