phrases i hate

< rant >

  • “With that being said…”
  • “the George Masons and Floridas of the world…”

With the first one, it just bugs me. Of course you just said it. I was listening! Just say, “however” or “anyway” or just get on with it.

Now with that being said, the other one I really hate is when people take proper names and make them plural. The example is how someone might refer to the game tonight.

It bugs me because there’s only one of those. I hear it in sports all the time too: “…the Brett Favres of the world…” How many Brett Favres are there? Just one! So say, “players like Brett Favre”.

< /rant >

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  • I’m with you man, although I do use “with that being said” from time to time. 🙂 Here’s some others that I’m tired of:

    1. “At the end of the day” This has really come into vogue the past couple years. E.g. “At the end of day, it’s who score the most points is what matters.” No, actually, it’s at the end of the game that matters — whether the game is played morning, noon or night.

    2. “We gave 110%” (120% or 150% are also popular). “So coach were you pleased with your team’s effort out there today?” “Well, Leslie, our guys gave it 110% and left everything out on the floor.”

    3. “Throwing somebody under the bus.” Talk radio dudes love this one. Like if an Eagles player says T.O. is a jerk, then they talk about how they’re “throwing T.O. under the bus.”

  • The phrase I hate has to do with reality television.

    “the chopping block”. Like when the Survivors of the world, who always give 110%, say they may be on the chopping block tonight.

    What block and where is it? Of course, with that being said I understand what they mean. Because at the end of the day someone’s gotta go.

  • Ya, and at the end of the day if everyone spoke like the Rob Williams of the world we’d throw everyone under the bus who didn’t give 100%.

    Having said that, I feel much better now.

  • this is a great topic! i’m reading through these and going, yeah, you tell ’em, you go girl…

    to further rant, i can’t stand older asian men (of which i am quickly becoming one myself, say it isn’t so Lord) that wear silky black dress socks when they play badminton or with their shorts. just wrong. come on gentlemen, surely in all your years you must have one pair of white socks still?

    oh, and what about “.. so i just need you to go ahead and..” total waste of time and speech. reminds of that boss character in that movie ‘office space’.

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