berley’s french accent is no more

My friend, Berley Stabler, whom I told you about a year ago, will be on ABC Thursday nigh according to this article.

Berley had a stroke a couple years ago. When he woke up, gone was his Southern accent and in it’s place was a French accent.

I’m not kidding.

It was really weird hearing him speak! He still said his Southern slang, just with a French accent he couldn’t control.

So Thursday night on ABC, 10 pm EST, there is scheduled a short segment on him and this “foreign accent syndrome”. He’s fully recovered now. Had dinner with him last time I was back in Simpsonville. He’s still a great guy, just sounds like himself again!

Tune in if you can.

BTW, the brass group he’s a part of at church is lead by my father and my brother-in-law is also in the group.

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  • Great to hear he’s better! Hope to catch the segment.

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  • Mark Heaton

    Thanks for your comments about Berley. I was one of Berleys roommates during college and had lost track of him. These articles helped me track Berley down and I spoke to him just last week.

    I now live in the same county Berley was raised in and we hope to have a reunion in the future.

    Again Thanks.

  • rob

    Mark, I’m really glad you two were able to connect again. Tell him ‘hi’ for me!

  • Lauren

    I book the guests for the Jay Thomas show on Sirius Satellite…it’s a talk show. We want to book Berley Stabler and hope you can help me find him. Not a joke… Jay is a funny guy but never makes fun of his guests… please contact me. Thanks, lauren.