adult onset hay fever

Is it possible to begin suffering from hay fever when you’re 34?

I’ve never had allergies to pollen and “outside things”. I haven’t had a cold in at about 2 years.

This weekend I’ve felt terrible…sore throat, cough, and runny nose. And it all started Friday night after I cut and bagged the lawn Friday afternoon.

It’s just weird. I’ve never had it before.

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  • Maybe a relocation to Vancouver would help?

  • rob

    Arrange it!

    Actually, I had an allergic reaction to some mushroom while I was there. Sigh. Growing old I guess.

  • Weird. Ya, I was having a chat with some extended family members last night. We were talking about growing old and things going wrong.

    I made a remark about my ovaries going missing. Took a while but they finally got it.

  • susie

    yeah, you can develop new allergies all the time. I used to have really bad pollen allergies that went from sneezing fits for about 5 years to sneezing and sinus problems for a bunch more years to just some headaches for a few years, then back to sneezing fits for a year or two, to now some intermittent allergies in the spring. Right now, though, the allergies that bother me most are Kurt’s. =)

  • rob

    Oh goodie.

  • I don’t usually associate cough and sore throat with allergies…just runny nose and itchy eyes. So maybe its just a cold. Either way, annoyong, isnt it??

    Take care!

  • rob

    Yeah, maybe it is a cold. It’s gone too long. Started Friday and still have it…though almost done.

    It’s just it started within hours of cutting and bagging very dry grass. I dunno.

  • It’s possible to get hay fever suddenly even if you’ve never had it before and mostly, it came from stress or changed living or foods habit.