my tv crush

If Patricia can have one, so can I.

I’ve always liked Julia Louis-Dreyfus, aka: Elaine Benes. What’s not to like about her?


But it’s been renewed with her new show, The New Adventures of Old Christine. The show is hilarious and I have to admit I agree with everything TV Squad has been reporting.

So tune into CBS on Monday nights at 9:30 EST (check your local listings) and see if you don’t like her too.

So yes, I’m moving on from my other tv crush now (cutest when she was in Fletch).

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  • I’ve found that its ok for my wife to talk about cute members of the opposite sex.

    It’s not ok for me.

  • rob

    Well, if this post disappears into the abyss, you’ll know why! 😉

  • She doesn’t do a darn thing for me 😉 haha! ( I should ask my hubby what he thinks of her)

    Its a funny show.

  • Yep — she is a looker!

    (Don’t tell your aunt I said that!) 🙂

  • rob

    I won’t as long as you don’t print anything for her!

  • Seriously? You can have her.

  • Uhh, I don’t mind the TV crush, but the picture? A little too sexy.

  • rob

    Don’t worry, Babe…you’re much more sexier than Elaine Christine Julia!

  • I can use “selective printing” 🙂