photo question

I have a question I need you, this blog reader, to answer.

Every Friday for about a year now I’ve been posting one from a select favorite group of my photos. I call it “Foto Friday” here on this blog and also as a Flickr set. So,

  1. Should I continue to keep “Foto Friday” running weekly?
  2. I have more photos that would “qualify”. Should I start a new feature like “Foto Tuesday” also?
  3. Should I just post my “best of” whenever I feel like it and forget about the regular feature of every Friday a weekly “best of” photo?

BTW, if you’re on the RSS feed, I finally figured out how to add my bookmarks and my flickr photos to the feed. They aren’t published on this blog, but they are “spliced” into the RSS feed.

You think I could put any “more words” in quotes in this post? “Sheesh”!

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  • Jim

    I’d keep “Foto Friday.” I suppose you could always post all of your pictures to flickr and then post the “best of the week” as your “feature” on Friday.

    In my opinion, it would be better to keep the regular Foto Friday and have a good image to upload weekly than to add a Foto Tuesday and have the risk of running out of pictures later on.

  • rob

    Well, that’s the thing. I was looking at my folder of “best of” on my hard drive and I’ve got about 170 of them! So once/week I’m set for another couple of years.

    I guess I’m wondering if the rhythm of something every Friday matters to anyone.

  • I say keep the photos only on Friday and try to keep your favorite fotos to just 30 or some low number like that.

  • rob

    But I have lots of favorites I want to show off! I can’t keep it to just 30! ARGH!

  • Leah

    Go for all of it I say!! I like Foto Fridays and all the other random pictures you put up.

  • rob

    Thanks, Leah.

    I’m just itching to post some of these other photos instead of holding on to them for a Friday.

    I post most of my non-best-of in flickr already…it’s just the other best-of photos I’m wondering about.

  • I vote for posting them anytime. I enjoy seeing your photos anytime.

    Besides, you will be taking more pix and adding new favorites all the time.

  • rob

    See, that’s the thing. The more I take more and more of them become favorites!

  • 1. Keep the “Foto Friday” feature — I look forward to it every week — and the alliteration “Foto Friday” is catchy.
    2. Post other photos any time you want to! You don’t have to wait ’till Friday to post a pic — but you can make sure you do post a “good one’ on Friday.

  • rob

    Thanks, Bill. I think I’ve concluded to keep Foto Friday. I will post photos from time to time.

    I guess the question still lingering is what if I post a quality best-of photo that would normally be on friday earlier…then maybe months later use it for foto friday?

  • I don’t mind repeats. 😀

  • karin

    Nothing new to report, but here’s my two cents: keep Foto Friday. You can post other times too, but definitely keep the Friday pics. It’s how I know what day of the week it is!!!!

  • I would create a new page called Fotos and then post them there any day you want. Even everyday if you wish.

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