quick poll

Will you help me with a quick, informal poll?

UPDATE: If you’re not seeing the polls, please reply in the comments. Here’s the questions/choices:

How do you follow this blog?
Just remember to keep coming back
Bookmark it (added to “favorites”)
Subscribe through RSS

If I were to offer email subscription to this blog, would you want it?
Oh baby yeah!
Nah. I don’t need more email.

UPDATE 2: I took the polls down. They were a pain and not that helpful. Thanks!

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  • karin

    I can see the poll, but the jerk quiz isn’t letting me vote!

    My answers are:
    1) RSS
    2) No more email

  • I voted for the first one, went fine. The second question it told me I already voted. I tried!

  • 1) RSS
    2) Would you pay me?

  • Ditto karin’s remarks.

  • Leah

    I had that same problem
    1)RSS feed
    2)yeah, I don’t want anymore emails (my inbox is already overloaded and I am the only one in Canada crusade that has the same size as the president)

  • I don’t see the poll. Not in IE nor Firefox. I must not be esoteric enough.

    1. RSS Feed
    2. No more mail.