dried fruit

Dried pears are called dried pears.
Dried bananas are called dried bananas.

Dried oranges are called dried oranges.
Dried peaches are called dried peaches.

Dried apples are called dried apples.
Dried pineapples are called dried pineapples.

Dried berries are in morning cereals.
Dried melons can’t exist.

Dried grapes are called raisins.
Dried plums are called prunes.

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  • Claire

    Ah the joys of the English language. A buddy of mine has a shirt that has all the names for different groups of animals — a crash of rhinos, a buisiness of ferrets, a bloat of hippos. . . .someone had a lot of fun coming up with all of those.

  • If we universally called them “dried plums”, I might be more inclined to eat one now and then…

  • I think it is becoming more common now for companies that sell dried fruits to refer to prunes as ‘dried plums’. At least here in the West. http://www.californiadriedplums.org/

  • Heather

    So my friend thought that Apricots were dried peaches. We have now proved her wrong. Thanks!

  • rob

    Ha! Glad I could help.