I’ve been reading through a book of poems. It’s a collection of 101 Famous Poems. In fact, that’s the name of the book!

Today I read Charge of the Light Brigade by Alfred Tennyson.

All I could think of was that scene from the Little Rascals where Alfalfa was reciting the poem and firecrackers were going off in his back pocket.

So much for being cultured.

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  • Glad you are reading 101 Famous Poems! I can remember reading Dad’s copy with the torn leather binding that he took with him to Italy in World War 2. I have my own copy and read it every now and them.

    As for The Charge Of The Light Brigade, I’m afraid Alfalfa has ruined it for me, too! It’s one of my favorite Little Rascals scenes!

  • I am such a country hick, when I saw the headline “alfalfa” I thought of hay!

  • Why did you chose to take you blog off blogger? I wonder because I see a lot of great blogs that blogger is BANNING for no reason. I’m thinking smart people should back up and move out like you did!

  • rob

    WordPress gives me so many more options than blogger (like pingbacks, categories, and more control). I don’t know anything about blogger being banned.

  • Basically they are so determined to rid blogger of splogs that in the proccess they are deleting totally valid blogs. I just can even image spending the time building up a blogger, and then POOF it’s gone some day because something doesn’t jive with their algo. Well we all know G is evil anyway. (-: