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I finally made it to The Netherlands. My flight from Orlando to New York was good. Flying into NYC on a clear day really makes you reconsider sitting in the aisle!

NYC to Amsterdam was good too (BTW, it’s kinda appropiate to fly from NYC to Amsterdam). I thought I’d have the entire row to myself but someone came and sat with me. Bummer, but it was good. I got to talk to her some about visiting this country. They showed The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe on the plane so that was nice too. But only got about an hour of sleep when they woke us up for breakfast and landing about 7:10 local time (that’s 12:10 am back home)!

Found my bag, was asked no questions at security, passport stamped, nothing to claim, purchase a train ticket, and off I went.

The weather here has been funky. It’ll be sunny, then windy, then rain, then sleet mixed in, then sunny again. I’ve really not visited Amsterdam, and probably won’t. I’ve spent all my time so far in Utrecht.

Oh, and do you know the difference in Holland and The Netherlands? Well do you remember your SAT stuff? Holland is to Carolina as The Netherlands is to the United States.

Holland is a province. Well, not really. There’s two, a North Holland and South Holland. So there’s no “Holland” like there’s no “Carolina”. I’m in Utrecht, the capital city of the province Utrecht. Tomorrow I go to Doorn, Utrecht. Oh, so the Netherlands is the country of all the provinces, kind of like the United States.

Despite the weather, it’s been nice. Everyone is wearing orange for the Queen’s day. I dig this queen! I bet she’d like this site too, being all orange and all. Maybe I’ll send her an email.

Only trouble with the celebrations is that most things are closed. Both shops and restaurants! So eating has been a bit of a challenge.

That’s all I’ve got for now. I’ve uploaded about 30 photos so far. Some of the photos have some story and explanation I’m not going into here.

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