never lost, always somewhere

bee’s map, originally uploaded by orangejack.

For two days now I’ve walked around Utrecht. Today I’ll probably do some more. My legs are tired (and a bit sore — just how out of shape am I?!?!?).

Each time I’ve carried with me two maps of the city. Both days I’ve barely used them. They’ve been little use to me.

So I’ve just explored. I’m glad I have a pretty good sense of direction because I’ve yet to get lost. I’ve not known where I was MANY times, but I always knew that within 5-10 minutes I’d know where I was…or where I should go. For example, both days of exploring I found this church accidentally.

I never know where I am, but I always know I’m somewhere. And I always know (or will know) where to go to get back to the hotel.

It’s kind of fun. Just exploring. Wondering where I’ll end up next. Sometimes it’s more fun to go out and go nowhere as opposed to going somewhere. Sometimes nowhere gets you somewhere interesting.

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  • Bob Londres

    So Great! Keep wonderin’ OrangeMan. I really enjoy hearing about where U are headin’.

  • Bob Londres

    Meant to say…Wanderin’ Keep it up!

  • Sharon

    It’s really funny to read about Queen’s Day or to read about how strange it is to have a part on the street for walking, for bikes, for parking and for driving a car. For me it is all normal, but for tourists it’s kind of strange probably!

    Nice site though, and I’m sure Queen Beatrix would love the orange on your site 😀

    Kind regards,
    (Receptionist of the hotel in Utrecht)

  • rob

    Hey Sharon, thanks for visiting my site and leaving a comment! You were very helpful to me and helped make my visit to Utrecht a great one!

    Everyone should consider staying at the Malie Hotel in Utrecht!

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