• Glynn Young

    It represents a clock showing 3:25.But is it a.m. or p.m.?

  • rob

    Thank you! I guess it could be either. But there’s something else about it being 3:25.

  • Jim

    I got it also (clock hands). The post was written at 3:25 AM?

  • rob

    It’s not just the time stamp and the hands.

  • virginia

    well, it adds up to 3.25…

  • Is the shape supposed to make me think of 7, and therefore, May 7: Internet Evangelism Day?

  • rob

    Jack, nothing about a 7 was in my mind.

    Virginia completes the puzzle! Yes, I took 3 Euro 25 and arranged it as a clock reading 3:25.

    Well done!